My goals for “Get Noticed!”

Hi there,

In this post i would like to tell you a little bit more about my goals for upcoming “Get Noticed!” competition.

I love watching youtube channels and streams on my smartphone. The thing is that when i want to see some football stream in traditional way (by “traditional way” i mean by web browser) its actually quite annoying that if streams quality is bad i need to waste a lot of time by getting back to list of streams and change the channel. Moreover, when im watching a stream i cant see what are the scores in other matches without stoping the stream or switching the window.
In my “Get Noticed!” project i would like to create an android application, that i could use on my smartphone, to watch the streams and change channels in better way.

I would like to make some webservice where each user could configure his preferences and make this application fit for his needs. I wanna give each user possibility to choose his favorite football league and see results of parell matches while watching the stream.

The thing is: I have totally no idea how to do it.

I have never made any webapplication in Java. Week before start i have totaly no idea how to configure environment, I have no idea how to create such web service. I found out that there exist something like REST and it gives you possibility to communicate with android application, by this is where my knowledge ends.

My main goal for “Get Noticed!” is to learn as much as possible. In fact i will be extremally proud if after those 2 months i will be able to consume some web api from android, even in simple way. I would like to learn something more about how this things work and i think this is great opportunity.

I will do my best to make it happen!


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