First thoughts on the project


As the “Get noticed!” competition has just begun, I think it’s right time to share my first thoughts on the project.

So, whats the plan?
I think I will need to spend first few weeks (i think 2 or 3 would be enough) just learning. I think im not able to start development at this moment and there are few areas where i need to improve A LOT. As for today, I can understand how this things (android and spring boot web service) can work togheter, but im not able to implement it.

Before I’ll start coding, I want to complete some tutorials on how to create some small RESTful web service and some androind fundamentals course.

I would like to prepare some documentation, figures and diagrams representing the architecture, so I could understand the REST services better.

I think my workflow will look like this:
1) I need to increase my knowledge on the rest services and spring boot
2) I need to build prototype – just to get the things work
3) Improve web service as much as I can
4) Spend the rest of the time developing android client

I dont want to put myself under too much pressure as i think i would lose all the fun that this competition is all about for me.

I hope I can prepare some architectural figures for my next entry (I will do my best to make it as much readable as possible).

Good luck to all competitors!


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