Just a short report

Hi there,

At this moment im working with udemy curse on Spring and Hibernate by Chad Darby, you can find it here:

If you want to learn about Spring and Hibernate and you have no prior experience with both of those, I think its amazing course and I would like to recommend it to everyone!

I think I will finish this course by the end of the week, and later I would like to take one more course with some step-by-step REST service guide.

I have also prepared some drawings of android client UI, I was also thinking about its functions, but I dont want to share it at this moment, I think it’s way too early to do that.

I think i will use some external API to get informations about matches live-results, but I dont know how to make all those things wired up togheter for now.

I still feel like I need to learn something more about REST and spring/hibernate, but I knew since beginning that i will need to work with this a lot, so it seems like everything is going according to the plan 😀


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