Building the prototype

Hi there!

As another week passed by, it’s time to share my progress on the project.

As you can see on my github account ( I have been working on web-app for few days in a row now. I think I have found how to keep working on the project everyday by taking small step at a time. Each day, after I finish working with the project, Im writing goals for next day(sometimes goals for the future) on a piece of paper and when Im starting development on the other day, Im just picking a thing from a list and Im trying to implement it top to bottom.

I’m slowly moving into architecting android client. As for now I know that I need to build service which will allow my android client to connect to database by REST service. I’m not sure how to do it yet.

This weekend I will try to implement the REST playlist and REST login option. If everything goes well, I will try to build the prototype of android client next week, just to see if everything got wired up togheter :).


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