Let’s go android!

This week I am going to start android development. At this moment my web-app is made in I think like 30-40%. There is still a lot of work left, but I want to start android development as I would like to work simulatneusly on those two, as I am not sure yet how to connect android client to the common database. As for now all the things I wanted to make to build the prototype are done – login with username and pwd and custom streams list for each user.

During last 7 days i made 6 commits with decent changes and I’m quite happy I have managed to put so much work into the project!

I have my android sdk and smart phone emulator set and I’m jumping into android development tutorials right now.

I have just realised that the competition finishes at the end of may, not april 😀 So I have one more month to finish the project. Thx to this information I will probably focus more on learing the theory about frameworks etc, as I have a lot of things I dont quite get and I would like to learn more about them (like hibernate and ORM).

See you next week! I hope I will be able to provide some android – news 🙂


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