Android: first ui impressions

Hi there!

This week I have been working mostly with android. It took me 3 days to set up the Android Studio and I’m still having some troubles with Android Device Emulator. To avoid all emulator problems I have decided to use my Samsung Galaxy to debug application.

In last couple of days I have been learning a lot, expecially about Hibernate which I found quite interesting. I think I understand JPA and Hibernate perspective much better now and I think it will help me write better code and develop my applications in much smarter way. The most interesting lecture for me was the lecture about Dirty Checking mechanism in Hibernate. I would recommend everyone to read about how this framework is working behind the scenes.

I have managed to spend some time learning about UI development as well and I would like to share with you guys my first prototype (or lets say, first idea) of login screen in StreamPlayer. I know not everything looks perfect now but I need to think how to handle this color-schema with readability (it’s hard to read text on the button). Please take a look at the picture below:


In upcoming week I would like to focus on connecting this UI to rest-api, I find it quite challenging and I think that I will need to learn a lot.

See you next week!



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